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Waves.Credit ICO allows you to participate in early stage startup investments with minimal entry capital requirements and high liquidity of crypto assets.

1How to participate in ICO?

From July 10, «WSCT» coins will be auctioned. «WSCT» will be traded in a pair of WSCT/USD on «DEX Waves», – decentralized exchange.

After completing the ICO, the collected funds will be available to the company Waves.Cresdit

The number of tokens is limited, with fixed margin of 10,000,000 coins. Nominal 1 «WSCT» — $ 0.10


2How many funds do you need to attract to ICO to take place?

The auction put 9 000 000 tokens. The minimum amount required is $ 300,000.

3How will the collected funds be distributed?

The collected funds will be used to develop a credit platform, an exchanger, applications and a loan revolving capital.

4What is the revenue generation mechanism for participants?

There are three main scenarios. The first is to sell your token on the exchange, when it grows in price. The second is to sell it to a company Waves.Credit that will buy tokens at a market price. Third, the holders of the tokens will receive quarterly dividends.

5What is the role of the company Waves.Credit?

The scheme of the campaign Waves.Credit is transparent. Credits will be issued on bail of «Waves» tokens. This guarantees a reliable investment and good profit. 10% of the profit, the company takes itself, the remaining 90% are distributed to the owners of the «WSCT» tokens. Dividends will be accrued on quarterly basis.

6Who might be interested in investing?

To all who want to participate in a reliable investment. It is especially interesting, maybe for traders — thanks to high volatility. To owners of «WSCT» tokens — they will have an interest-free loan.

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