Terms of use

Restrictions for participation

Following people are forbidden to use our services:

  • Persons under the age of 18;
  • Persons who are not allowed to participate in such activities like ICO by the law of their country

Tax liability

Waves.Credit is not responsible for tax payments by ICO participants. To determine how, when and what tax to pay according to the law is the obligation of the participant. By participating in our event you agree on this terms.

Responsibility for payment services usage

Waves.Credit is not responsible for the third-party payment services operation, which can be used for depositing or moving out assets from a service. Using our service, you assume all risks associated with interaction with third-party payment services, possible delays or other malfunctions.

Financial responsibility of the participant

Under no circumstances will Waves.Credit, any department, any employee or partner of the ecosystem be liable for any direct, indirect or unintentional, punishable, punitive, or any loss incurred by the user during the use of the Waves.Credit services. By interacting with Waves.Credit you take all the financial risks.


Waves.Credit will not be liable for the case of hacking attacks and any interference of undesirable persons in the service functioning. By interacting with Waves.Credit you take all the risks associated with cybersecurity.